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Why it's time to redesign the old air conditioner

he air conditioner is nearly 100 years old, and yet it hasn't evolved much -- the technology is essentially the same as it was the day it was invented. It has, however, changed our lives, making it possible for humans to thrive in places where heat would otherwise make life unbearable. Air conditioning is also essential to businesses and technologies that rely on controlled temperatures and humidity, such as the very internet servers that are sending this story to your device.

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Integrated AC process eliminates refrigerants

With the goal of decreasing the climate impact of residential air conditioning (AC), Kraton Corp. (Houston; www.kraton.com) has developed the NexarCool technology in collaboration with Texas A&M University (College Station; www.tamu.edu), India Institute of Technology Bombay (www.iitb.ac.in) and Indian companies Porus Laboratories Ltd. and Infosys Ltd...

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Kraton develops, manufactures and markets biobased chemicals and specialty polymers that deliver exceptional value and enhance the lives of people all over the world.

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