Pine Chemicals

Kraton is a leading global producer of crude tall oil (CTO) and crude sulfate turpentine (CST)-based pine chemicals and specialty resins.

We offer a biobased alternative to fossil-based materials that perform better and have a reduced carbon footprint.

Kraton uses the forestry-manufacturing symbiosis to develop sustainable solutions found in everyday products. We partner with customers to innovate cutting-edge solutions while providing regulatory, technical and intellectual property to support and enable our customers to achieve their sustainability objectives.

As a by-product of the Kraft pulp industry, CTO and CST are 100% biobased materials with substantial advantages:

  • Sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Consistent supply all year round
  • Do not compete for land with food crops (non-edible)
  • Do not require land use change
  • Non-genetically modified (non-GMO)
  • Palm Free



Road Markings


Certified BioBased Portfolio

Kraton has a broad portfolio of products with biobased content up to 100%, certified by the USDA BioPreferred program offering different compositions and diversified set of performances to fulfill customers’ needs in multiple applications.

Responsible Forestry

The countries where we currently purchase CTO and CST have well-defined regulations on managing forests that recognize responsible practices in planting, harvesting, and managing pine trees’ growth. Our suppliers in the pulp & paper industry have a traceable chain of custody that ensures the trees are not genetically modified. 


Kraton has been using industrial symbiosis to increase the value of biobased raw materials for nearly a century. In our state-of-the-art biorefineries, we offer high-performance specialized biobased chemicals to produce thousands of common household items by refining CTO and CST, byproducts of the pulp manufacturing process.​

Kraton can guarantee steady and consistently high-quality products and reliable supply all year round with its global refining capabilities, long-lasting agreements with leading paper mills in key regions, cutting-edge industrial facilities, and raw materials derived from pine trees, which are not affected by seasonal changes in availability.


Our cradle-to-gate life cycle assessments (LCA) improve our understanding of our products’ environmental impacts, such as greenhouse gas emissions. LCAs allow us to identify if optimizing production or raw materials will reduce the product’s environmental impact. LCAs can improve sustainability performance in the value chain and society by engaging suppliers, supply chain partners, and customers in product development.


Our pine chemical innovations offer a sustainable, biobased alternative to fossil fuel products, while providing a low carbon footprint. Our (CTO) feedstock comes from ethically managed forests that do not compete with food crops and are non-GMO.